Neuralgic amyotrophy (Parsonage-Turner syndrome or brachial plexus neuritis) is an uncommon syndrome whose cause is unknown.

The suprascapular and axillary nerves and corresponding muscles are affected most frequently. Accurate diagnosis can be challenging and requires a thorough history and physical examination. Nerve conduction velocity and imaging studies assist in the evaluation. Treatment consists of symptomatic management. 

Suprascapular neuropathy is an uncommon cause of shoulder pain and weakness and the suprascapular nerve is vulnerable to compression at the suprascapular notch as well as at the spinoglenoid notch. Sports involving overhead motion, such as tennis, swimming, and weight lifting, may result in traction injury to the suprascapular nerve, leading to dysfunction.

When non-operative treatment fails to alleviate symptoms or when a discrete lesion such as a ganglion cyst is present, surgical decompression is warranted.