Osteoarthritis of the acromioclavicular (AC) joint is a common condition causing anterior or superior shoulder pain, especially with overhead and cross-body activities. This most commonly occurs in middle-aged individuals.

Diagnosis relies on history, physical examination, imaging, and diagnostic local anesthetic injection. Nonoperative therapy can provide symptomatic relief, whereas patients with persistent symptoms can be considered for resection arthroplasty by open or arthroscopic technique.

 The sternoclavicular joint is subject to the same disease processes that affect other synovial joints. Patients present with prominence of the medial end of clavicle with pain and discomfort on shoulder movement.

Surgical management of chronic instability and degenerative arthritis of the SC joint includes resection arthroplasty of the medial clavicle with or without reconstruction of the sternoclavicular ligaments with graft material.