You will be advised by the hospital the approximate time of arrival on the day of surgery. You must not eat or drink for 6 hours before surgery if you are having a general anesthesia. However, you may be allowed to have clear drinks (water or black tea) up to 2 hours before the proposed surgery. This can be discussed further when the anesthetist sees you. If your surgery is under local anesthesia, then you can eat and drink until before surgery.

You should take your usual medications (unless directed otherwise) on the morning of surgery with small sip of water. Rings should be removed from the arm that is to be operated on. This is for infection control purposes and to avoid tightness in the event of swelling that may occur following surgery.

Arrival on the ward you will be taken to your room and asked to change into a hospital gown. Before the operation I will see you to talk through the operation again, ask any remaining questions you may have and obtain your consent for the operation. The side of the operation (left or right arm) will be checked with you and marked with a pen. The anesthetist will see you and discuss the anaesthetic plan of care for your procedure.